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Argentina Service Trip

Mount Mercy Academy Students send their best from Argentina! Mr. Rowley shares a photo of the famous building from the movie "Evita" starring Madonna as the lead, Eva. "Evita" is based off of the story of Eva Perón. As the second wife of Argentine Pres. Juan Perón, Eva became a powerful, though unofficial, political leader. She was revered by the lower economic classes and helped enact a number of reforms and policies to their benefit. She also helped bring about the passage of Argentina's women's suffrage law. The Balcony pictured was the actual balcony that Eva gave her famous speech on, as well as the Balcony from the movie.

Our Mercy tribe also couldn't pass up the opportunty to represent Buffalo with a Bills Flag and to their suprise, they ran into some locals who were part of Bills Mafia as well! LETS GO BUFFALO!

We miss our students and cannot wait for the next update.

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