Mount Mercy Academy Faculty


Counseling Center


School Counselor, Grades 9 & 10
Elayna Chan
Ext 211  |  Email

School Counselor, Grades 11 & 12 
Jessica Bakkila
Ext 212  |  Email



Jacqueline Welch   

Ext 411  |  Email 

Kaitlyn McCleary
Ext 412  |  Email



Patricia Burns
Ext 205  |  Email

Sierra Blackwell 
Ext 504  |  Email

Emily Kaufman
Ext 506  |  Email  


Languages Other Than English

Beth Ilecki 
Ext 507 | Email

Amy Zawadzki
Ext 508  |  Email




Douglas Webster    
Ext 101 |  Email 

Patrick Govern
Ext 202  | Email

Brittany Sanscrainte
Ext 501  | Email  

Laura Kelly
Ext 503  | Email


Elizabeth Sanderson
Ext 513  |  Email


Physical Education

Kathleen Lynch
Ext 105  |  Email

Justine Kish Posiadlo




Katie Collins
Ext 413  |  Email

Leigh High
Ext 417  |  Email

Jill Whalen
Ext 418  |  Email


Christopher Serra

Ext 419 | Email


Social Studies

Bridget Feyes
Ext 207  |  Email

Ruth Howard
Ext 208  |  Email

Steven McCrea

Ext 209  |  Email

Catherine Luhr
Ext 414  |  Email



Ian McCracken
Ext 204  |  Email

Sr. Jenny Wilson
Ext 512  |  Email

"Mount Mercy has taught me some of the most important things in my life and I am so grateful for that. I know that incorporating the principles of a woman of Mercy has made me the best version of myself. I can only hope that in the future, I will continue to grow and teach others the valuable lessons that I was taught at Mount Mercy. While I have learned so many things here, the greatest thing by far that I have learned is that DNA does not always make a family, love makes a family and that is exactly what I have gained here, a second family."

Mariah Rullan

Class of 2019

College Acceptances

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