Experience Being A Mercy Girl For A Day

Eighth graders or Transfer students who are interested in applying to Mount Mercy Academy are welcome to spend a day on campus by enrolling to Experience Becoming A Mercy Girl For A Day.

This shadow program offers prospective Mercy girls a chance to experience what a typical student's day is like. Eighth graders will spend the day shadowing a current freshman, who will take them to classes, share time with them during breaks and lunch (lunch is free!), and receive a tour. There's nothing like it!

The Shadow Program is also open to current high school students enrolled elsewhere who are interested in transferring, who will shadow a student sharing the same interests and grade level. A shadow day at Mount Mercy begins at 8:30am and ends at 2:00pm. Please dress appropriately. No jeans, sneakers or flip flops.

Online registration to Experience Becoming A Mercy Girl For A Day is available below. If you need assistance with registration or additional information, please contact our Admissions Department at 716-825-8796 x320 | eteal@mtmercy.org

Elizabeth Teal, Recruitment Manager 
716- 825-8796 ext. 320 eteal@mtmercy.org

Jeanne Burvid, Admissions Manager 
716- 825-8796 ext. 201 jburvid@mtmercy.org


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