The academic programs available at Mount Mercy Academy are of the highest quality. The core curriculum is just the starting point. Challenging courses and classroom rigor are trademarks of our program as we strive to educate the whole student in accordance with our mission.

Block Scheduling

Block scheduling simulates that of the college environment and prepares students for the organizational and time management demands they will face after high school. The schedule also provides a collaboration period where teachers are available for one-on-one tutoring assistance and clubs/organizations can meet during the school day.

The Academy of Science & Healthcare
Mount Mercy's Academy of Science and Healthcare is a unique career internship program for students to gain first-hand knowledge of many different careers. Mount Mercy has teamed up with Mercy Hospital to create a vibrant learning experience for our students. For more information, click here>

AP Courses
Mount Mercy currently offers 10 Advanced Placement courses for potential college credit. Academically qualified students may register for the AP program in a variety of different subjects. College credit is awarded through criteria specific to each college/university.