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Graduate Returns to Address Students

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Emily Burns, a Mount Mercy alumna from the Class of 2018, returned to alma mater to speak to members of the school’s Women in Social Sciences Academy. She is a 2022 graduate of Saint Anselm College, majoring in Politics and American Studies. Burns is employed as a Communications Associate at the Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington DC. “Burns' discussion of the role of bipartisanship and what parties can achieve when they work

together was very inspiring as a young woman interested in politics, but wary of the tensions in today's political climate,” senior Vayana Stoyanova (Gowanda) remarked.

Burns spoke to the students about her career path and how her experiences at Mount Mercy

helped her along the way. Senior Katie Regan (East Aurora) commented, “I enjoyed learning about St. Anselm's Political Science program and her experiences because that is what I'm looking to study in

college. Learning about her journey from Mercy to working in DC was inspiring to me because it's similar to what I hope to achieve in the future.”

She also mentioned her collegiate experiences and internships and offered suggestions about

some of the positions available in her field. “She spoke about her college experience with a major and minor in the social sciences field and shared details about her job in Washington DC. I really enjoyed when she showed us pictures of her meeting politicians and told us about her time working with CNN and ABC News,” stated senior Caroline Tucker (Hamburg).

Students in the Women in Social Sciences Academy are able to earn one of several distinctions at graduation. Within the Social Sciences Program, students will be able to earn the following distinctions: Women in Law, Women in History, Women in Government, Women in Social Work and Women in Psychology. The Women in Social Sciences Academy is moderated by Steven McCrea.

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