Mercy $100 DASH


Mercy Girls Succeed

2018 graduates are all headed for higher education and together were awarded over 14 million dollars in college scholarships!

Mount Mercy Academy, in Buffalo, New York, is committed to the character, learning, and growth of every student. We seek to transform young women from bright-eyed adolescents into reflective and courageous young adults who pursue with vigor and optimism the opportunities that life offers.

At Mount Mercy Academy, each and every student has the opportunity and obligation to assume leadership roles to prepare them for success. We guide each student to be her own best self - to become a woman who distinguishes herself in faith, knowledge, integrity and compassion. All Mercy girls have the full potential to make outstanding accomplishments in all areas of their lives-family, community and career.Learn more on how to become a Mercy Girl for a day!

Congratulations to our 2018 graduating class!