School Safety

This school safety plan is intended to set forth the information required by Mount Mercy Academy staff involved in a school or regional emergency due to the occurrence of a natural or man-made disaster or civil emergency.

This information includes use of warning and communications systems, operating procedures, individual responsibilities, authority structure, resources available, and specific guidelines for the various actions open to the staff of Mount Mercy Academy to protect life and property during and after an emergency.


School Safety Plan part 1

"Attending Mount Mercy Academy is one of the best decisions I could have made. Since day one they have challenged me academically, to strive and succeed. For the past two years at Mount Mercy, I received so much help from all the teachers. They are always open to help me with any questions I have. My teachers have even taken time whenever they can to help me to do well with upcoming tests and quizzes. With their help I have been on both honor rolls, and have been a scholar athlete."

Bella Longo

Class of 2019

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