Mercy Education System of the Americas (MESA)



Mount Mercy Academy is now a part of the Mercy Education System of the Americas (MESA). 


This program was established in July 2017. Mercy now belongs to an education system with 49 other Mercy education ministries, including schools in Argentina, Belize, Guam, Honduras, Jamaica, the Philippines and the United States.

The development of the Mercy Education System of the Americas has been a five year process.  The foundation of the entire system is the establishment of relationships between Mercy educators in the seven countries sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy.  These relationships will allow educators to share resources and their best practices as they continue to prepare their students for an accelerated culture and a truly global society.  In addition, the system will ensure that Mercy educators will continue to share Mercy values and a Catholic identity well into the future. 

This opportunity will allow the faculty at Mount Mercy Academy to "more proactively access-and contribute to - the wealth of knowledge, talent and resources that Mercy education has to offer."


Michele Melligan, Head of School at Mount Mercy Academy states "It is truly a blessing to be part of the Mercy Education Systems of America.  The organization provides endless opportunities that await and align with our core mission and values.   While governed under MESA, Mount Mercy Academy is provided with the guidance and support necessary to lead us in establishing and accomplishing action steps towards new and innovative ideals of education.   We look forward to building upon what MESA has to offer in conjunction with our goals for the future in education, programs and fostering the critical concerns of Catherine McAuley."

"We must strive to do ordinary things extraordinarily well."

- Catherine McAuley -

"Mount Mercy has taught me some of the most important things in my life and I am so grateful for that. I know that incorporating the principles of a woman of Mercy has made me the best version of myself. I can only hope that in the future, I will continue to grow and teach others the valuable lessons that I was taught at Mount Mercy. While I have learned so many things here, the greatest thing by far that I have learned is that DNA does not always make a family, love makes a family and that is exactly what I have gained here, a second family."

Mariah Rullan

Class of 2019

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