Counseling/Career Center


Mount Mercy Academy's College Counseling Center offers comprehensive college counseling services for our students. Our focus in the college counseling process is to educate and empower, as we guide our students to a post-high school education search that fits the individual student both academically and socially.

Our College Counseling Center offers the following assistance and guidance:

  • Assistance with college research and college list development
  • Evaluation of personal strengths for effective college admission
  • Assistance in completion and review of college applications
  • Assistance with obtaining quality letters of recommendation
  • Financial aid and scholarship research
  • Essay development and review
  • Interview preparation as needed
  • Assistance with evaluation for final enrollment decision


Our Counseling Center also provides academic and emotional support to all students through classroom guidance, group and individual counseling.

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Ms. Elayna Chan
Freshman & Sophomore Counselor
716-825-8796 ext. 211

Ms. Jessica Bakkila
Junior & Senior Counselor
716-825-8796 ext. 212

Mrs. Jeanne Burvid
Administrative Assistant
716-825-8796 ext. 201
Note to College Reps:  Please contact Mrs. Burvid to schedule a visit 

If you are in Crisis, reach out for help.  Text REASON to 741741 to chat with a trained crisis counselor. 

College Planning

College planning begins for all students the moment they arrive at MMA.  From the courses they select, every grade they receive, every activity they participate in, and every standardized test they take, students are preparing for life after high school.  Each year, students will meet with their counselor to discuss the college planning process as it pertains to their grade level and by senior year, students will be prepared to submit their college applications and make those important career decisions.  Please refer to the College Planning Guide, the Counseling page of Edline and home mailings regularly for continuously update information about the College Planning process. 

College Planning Guide - 2017

Scholarship and Financial Aid Information

College can be very costly but there are ways to help ease the financial burden.  A wide variety of scholarships and financial aid are available to students throughout the student's junior and senior years.  Updated applications and information will be emailed to the students monthly, as well as posted on the Counseling page of Edline and in the Guidance office.  Please refer to these resources regularly.

Career Planning

There are many great resources available to students who are looking to explore their interests and obtain information about a particular career. and are just a few great resources to explore career options.  Additional resources can be found on the Counseling page of Edline. 


This year, students in grades 9-11 will all take the PSAT in October.  Then, score reports will be provided and explained to them.  Juniors should plan to take the SAT in the spring.  Please visit for more information, including practice tests and helpful study tools.


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For up to date information regarding college, careers, standardized testing and financial aid, please refer to the Counseling page of Edline often!