Campus Ministry

Mount Mercy Academy's Campus Ministry Office provides support for the Spiritual Life of the School Community. Students are encouraged to learn and grow spiritually by participating in any of the ministries listed. The challenges of leadership as well as a deeper understanding of discipleship become evident to students in a personal way through their endeavors. They are empowered to make a difference, and the school is enriched because of it. 

Ministers of the Word

Students from all grade levels are invited to be trained as Ministers of the Word at Mount Mercy. Students are active throughout the year as lectors at school Masses, Prayer Services and reading the morning prayers. The Campus Ministry Office offers a training program at school to any interested student. Upon their commissioning, students serve the school by proclaiming the Word of God. Many students choose to lector at their home parishes, qualified from the training received at school.

Peer Ministry

The Peer Minister Team is selected from an application process. This team spends a day together on retreat learning and practicing leadership skills they will employ throughout the year in a variety of ways. Peer Ministers are essential, planning and carrying out retreat experiences for different classes. Additionally they lend ideas and support for creative prayer services or other Campus Ministry events. These students discover the power, delights, and challenges of working together in a ministry that is vital to the school!