Alumnae Board of Directors

(Front row sitting left to right) President Brianna Wilson '08, Vice President Susan Manley Swarts '65, Mary Russo '15, Kathleen Kaczmarek Mehltretter '72, Linda Sieckmann-Dugan '76

(Back row left to right) Maureen Byrne McCarthy '67, Claire Kelley '07, Madonna Sullivan Mulvaney '69, Kelly Eagan Govern '97, Maggie Henesey Mackert '94, Sandra Schwendler Vaccarro '86, Eva Evaldi Byrne '86, Lynn Maj Bala '88 

(Not in picture) Joanne Hilmey Cullen '82, Rozanne Granville Flammer '66, Mary Lou Letina Land '99


The Mount Mercy Academy Alumnae Association members work to provide an array of successful social opportunities for alumnae and students with the side benefit of fully funding the Alumnae Scholarship Fund.  These members meet monthly and participate in alumnae/school events.  The following group of alumnae are leading the Mount Mercy Alumnae Board for this school year:


Board of Directors 2020-2021


         President: Brianna Wilson ’08 Vice President: Susan Manley Swarts ’65


Alumnae Board Group Members

Lynn Maj Bala ’88

Eva Evaldi Byrne ’86 

Joanne Hilmey Cullen ’82 

Rozanne Granville Flammer ’66 

Kelly Eagan Govern ’97 

Claire Kelley ’07 

Mary Lou Letina-Land ’99 

Maggie Henesey Mackert ’94 

Maureen Byrne McCarthy ’67 

Kathleen Kaczmarek Mehltretter ’72 

Madonna Sullivan Mulvaney ’69 

Mary Russo ’15  

Linda Sieckmann- Dugan ’76

Sandra Schwendler Vaccarro ’86



"Mercy is more than just a school. Mercy is my second home and a shoulder to lean on. Mount Mercy has given me the confidence and resources to pursue my passions and make the world a more inclusive place, propelling me to take strides into male-dominated fields. Mercy blessed me with an environment to grow intellectually and in the community, giving me the foundation to make a tangible impact while making lifelong friendships."

Adrianna Awald

Class of 2022

College Acceptances

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